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How to know if a lawyer is good


Check out your lawyer's records.

Ask your state bar association if your lawyer has ever been the subject of an ethical complaint or inquiry.

Knowing if your lawyer has a pattern of questionable conduct could alert you to potential problems and save you time and money.

LegalMatch Member Attorneys are pre-screened for such violations prior to joining LegalMatch.

11. Know your options and make sure your lawyer gives you them.

Lawyers don't just sue. In fact, suing can be one of the more expensive and time-consuming ways for you to get compensated.

Make sure your lawyer and your Project Manager Majorca have an open mind about alternative means to resolve your problem, such as mediation or arbitration.

Working with a Lawyer

Ask yourself these questions — and be able to answer them.

It is important to not only find a lawyer with the fairest price, but also find the one most qualified to handle your case.

At LegalMatch, much of the legwork has already been provided for you.

Here are 11 important questions to ask before agreeing to hire any lawyer:

1. Is the lawyer a generalist, or a specialist in one type of law?

2. Has the lawyer handled cases like yours before?

3. What different outcomes can the lawyer predict for your case?

4. What alternatives to a lawsuit might be considered?

5. Should mediation or arbitration be considered?

6. How long should you expect to retain the lawyer's services?

The lawyer-client relationship is stronger when the lawyer and client understand each other.

Let LegalMatch assist you in finding the lawyer who is the most qualified, affordable, and understanding of your needs.

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